What is an airport-lounge-access credit card? Know the benefits offered

As the early 2000s rolled in, financial organisations introduced credit cards to the Indian market for easy monetary transactions. Also, referred to as plastic money, these cards intended to replace physical cash as a medium of tender exchange. However, nowadays, different credit cards serve numerous purposes and provide several features and benefits for your expenses. One of these cards is an international lounge access credit card, which you can use to get entries to airport lounges.

What is an airport-lounge-access credit card?

Initially, credit cards were a tool to make high-value purchases and repay them later. The current generation of credit cards offers numerous non-monetary perks and benefits apart from shopping benefits. Access to airport lounges is one of the most preferred benefits offered by credit cards to frequent flyers.

If you’re on layover or waiting for your flight, an international lounge access credit card can help you relax and unwind at the airport during your layover. Credit cards with access to premium airport lounges will provide frequent flyers with a way to eat and relax between flights. Here are some key benefits of using a credit card for accessing an airport lounge:

Earn bonus Air Miles
In simple words, Air Miles is a loyalty programme in which you can earn credit card reward points on travel and bookings, including other expenses. Using credit cards, earn reward points on your card expenses and redeem them later. Thanks to the credit card tie-ups with several airline companies, you can earn bonus air miles while booking tickets with the help of the card.

Savings for frequently flying
The best airport lounge credit cards can help save significantly. Apart from savings, these cards are also known for giving you an enhanced airport experience. These credit cards usually come with numerous discounts and flight ticket discounts. Bonus air miles, access to airport lounges, and airport dining privileges are the exclusive benefits of airport-lounge-access credit cards.

Enjoy an interest-free credit period
Airport lounge cards also offer other attractive benefits, such as interest-free periods. By using credit cards, you also enjoy an interest-free period with some airport lounge cards where you can repay your bills in full, with zero interest before the due date.

Complimentary treatments at spas
A lot might be using credit cards for dining and other purchases, and airport-lounge-access credit cards offer additional benefits. Some card providers also promise complimentary spa treatments. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank’s credit cards offer their cardholders complimentary spa treatments. However, you can avail of spa treatments using IDFC FIRST Bank’s credit cards only at premium airport lounges.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of an airport lounge access credit card, there are numerous other ways to use an airport lounge credit card. If you are looking for the best credit card for lounge access, consider signing up for one offered by IDFC FIRST Bank. However, you should research online before applying for a credit card as per your financial needs. There are multiple banks and financial institutions which offer credit cards based of different needs, so its vital to understand your expense needs and choose a credit card accordingly.